Our Mission

BizzPump was founded with a mission to help small business owners gain access to the capital they need to grow independently. As small business owners ourselves, we understand that short-term liquidity is a means to an end - realizing your business's true potential.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and so do we. BizzPump was founded by a group of small business owners, looking to gain leverage by jointly negotiating with powerful suppliers. Given the contribution small businesses make to our economy, it’s amazing how high the odds are stacked against them. In our experience, the number one problem small businesses face is access to capital. Four out of five business owners get denied when applying to bank loans, while countless others get fleeced by loan brokers. Businesses need money to make money, but money suppliers, without producing anything of real value, always have the advantage. That's where BizzPump comes in.

We are proud to launch BizzPump and be a part of the solution to a problem plaguing millions of small business owners looking to grow their businesses. BizzPump is an online marketplace that connects small business owners seeking credit with the best lender for their business. We make lenders compete for your business.


Meet the Amazing Team

We’re a group of former small business owners, joined by bankers, brokers, engineers, editors and more, coming together to ultimately offer business owners and entrepreneurs the access to financing they deserve. We are passionate when it comes to solving big problems to small businesses.

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Regan McCook has worked in her family owned local hardware shop since she was in high school. She studied economy and business at the local community college, and proceeded to manage the shop along-side her dad. Passionate about innovation, she always searched for creative ways to improve the business's bottom line. With encouragement from family and friends, Regan started BizzPump in 2011. Regan is a devoted Bruce Springsteen fan.

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Before devoting his work full-time to BizzPump, Eric Teagan served as a Credit Manager at a publicly traded lending institution. Occupying this position, he witnessed first hand the gap between lenders' restrictions and small business needs, and has set out on a mission to help bridge this gap. Eric possesses an enormous amount of information from inside the lending industry. In his free time, Eric creates magic tricks and shows.

Timothy Barrett


As BizzPump's Chief Financial Officer, Timothy is responsible for the financial stewardship of the company, as well as the financial innovation we bring to our clients. He is an fin-tech entrepreneur from an early age, and believes deeply in building financial products that give small teams great power. Timothy is our fountain of creative solutions to financial hardships. Timothy is an exceptional chess player and kite surfer.

Make Lenders Compete For Your Business